A successful pilot


After a carefully managed planning phase and a qualitative pilot, the first quantitative iteration of HowAreWe has been completed in Q1/2022.

About 5% of the county’s population has participated in our survey, which is a remarkable result for a non-mandatory project where people have to spend approximately 20 minutes to provide detailed data about their lives. Comparing our results with previous surveys and studies further suggests that our findings are highly consistent with other finding. This enables us to make robust statements about how to improve well-being in the county,

Overall well-being in Bayfield County is high, measured on a scale of 0 to 10 the average is 7.1, with a majority of people thriving. However, there is significant potential to further improve people’s lives, which we highlight in our report.

What drives well-being?

What drives well-being?

The First HowAreWE Pilot is completedAfter a 2-year planning phase and a qualitative pilot study in 2021, the first quantitative test of HowAreWe has been completed, and the results are in. In this post, we will describe our sampling approach, and report on the...

The first pilot

The first pilot

Our first pilot has been a great success and has yielded many actionable ideas for improving well-being in Bayfield County, WI. Read more about methodology and results.



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